Angeline Maharaj Jarvis

Present Staff Members:
Mrs. Angeline Maharaj-Jarvis joined the Central Bank on November 7, 1988. During her twenty-five year tenure at the Bank, she worked with the Exchange Control Department for three (3) years. The greater part of Angeline’s tenure with the Bank was spent with the Financial Institutions Supervisory Department (FISD) where she worked for eighteen (18) years. In that Department, she gained a wealth of experience in the regulatory field as FISD is responsible for supervising the operations of all financial institutions licensed under the Financial Institutions Act, Chap. 79:09, and Insurance Companies, Insurance Intermediaries and Pension Plans registered under the Insurance Act, Chap. 84:01 in order to determine if they are in sound financial condition and operating in accordance with the relevant laws, regulations and guidelines issued by the Central Bank. Subsequent to this, she was employed in Banking Operations for a period of four (4) years.

On November 1st 2013 she joined the Office of the Financial Services Ombudsman in the capacity of Senior OFSO Assistant to share her wealth of experience and broaden her knowledge base of consumer protection mechanisms.


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