Banking Case Studies

Disclosure of PIN

Do not share your card or disclose your PIN

Ms. M was reconciling her bank statement when she discovered that there were two withdrawals from the account that she could not identify. Continue Reading
Encashment of fraudulent cheques

When conducting business, be aware of receiving fraudulent cheques for your products or services

Mr. C. was a business man and during the course of conducting business he received several cheques which totalled eighteen thousand dollars ($18,000.00) from one of his clients. Continue Reading
Fees and Charges

Are you experiencing difficulty in paying your loan? Speak to your bank representative

The Office was approached by representatives of an association concerning the charges of late penalty fees imposed by the banks on its members. Continue Reading
Clarifying Loan Conditions

Always clarify the conditions of your loan before signing

The customer alleges that he had a mortgage loan with a bank, which was scheduled to be fully liquidated in 2004. Continue Reading
ATM Transactions

Always report the loss or capture of your ATM Card within 48 hours

The customer alleges that in March, 2003 he attempted to withdraw monies from an ATM machine. Continue Reading
Understanding Loan Guarantees

Do you understand the details in guaranteeing a loan?

Customer A alleges that on December 1st, 1998, she signed a Memorandum of Deposit of Stocks and Shares and other Marketable Securities as guarantor for a loan taken out by Customer B. Continue Reading
Operation of Chequing Accounts

Insufficient Funds in your chequing account? Do not draw a cheque

The customer alleged that she is the holder of a chequing account at a bank and that she used her cheque to purchase goods at a retail outlet. Continue Reading
Penalty and Interest Charges for paying of a loan before expiry date

Can you be charged for paying your loan off early?

The customer alleged that she took out a loan at a bank a few years ago but because of illness decided to pay off the loan before its expiry date. Continue Reading

Case Studies