Complaint Process

With Financial Institutions

With Our Office

Some points to note

  • Our Services are free of charge
  • The Ombudsman can consider complainants against commercial banks, non-bank financial institutions and insurance companies
  • Relevant documents are required to support the Complaint
  • The complaint must not be related to the financial institution general risk management policies, general rate of interest offered or pricing of product
  • The matter must not currently be or have been before the Courts or Arbitration Body or any dispute process
  • The complainant does not surrender his/her legal rights and may at any time explore other options for the resolution of his/her complaint, including taking legal action


The Financial Services Ombudsman (OFSO) applies the guidelines of:

  • Overall fairness and equity
  • General business principles
  • Best practices in the industry
  • Industry standards and Codes of conduct
  • Due regard to existing laws and regulations