Complaints Process FAQs

What type of complaints would the Ombudsman consider?

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The Ombudsman will handle matters of transparency where terms of contract have not been met.

In case of banking complaints, she will not treat with matters relating to:

  • The general interest rate and risk policies concerning the granting of loans.
  • The pricing of products and services in the case of banking complaints¬†credit decisions.
  • Any transactions that occurred prior to January 1, 2003.

In the case of insurance complaints, he will not treat with:

  • Insurance premium rates and underwriting decisions
  • Group pension plans and deposit administration schemes
  • Actuarial calculations
  • Surrender values and investment rates for life policies
  • Alleged false or misleading marketing practices
  • Third party personal injury claims arising out of motor accident
  • Any act or omission that took place prior to January 1, 2004

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